The 7 Steps to Create Content For SEO

Writing is not an easy task for everyone, even professional writers themselves suffer writer’s block from time to time, a condition where it is difficult for them to produce new and creative content. And if we add to this the SEO factor, things can get more complicated. An article for a magazine or a newspaper is very different from a blog that is thought for the optimization in the web searchers. The rule to follow in this situation is to understand that your audience always comes first, before the algorithms of Google. If your goal is to generate more traffic to your blog, you will have to go beyond “writing content” and be smarter when choosing and writing your topics.

Create attractive content for your audience, and at the same time position your blog in web search engines if possible and you can achieve it taking into account the following tips.some people use article spinner for their blog that idea is boring and not working anymore this day content is king you must focus on quilty content. but if you going to use spin content I suggest using that content on web 2.0  for backlinks purpose you can use given tool below.

Article Rewriter
Article rewriter pro

1. Write chord to your buyer person

Maybe one day you will get a strong current of inspiration and start writing an article about a topic that you’re passionate about. These situations are a double-edged sword since you can run the risk of being carried away by emotion and forgetting your audience, or as they say in the digital world, your buyer person that is, the fictitious representation of your client ideal.

This is why it is important that before you start writing, you ask yourself who you are writing to. Depending on the subject of the article, it could be Manuel, the Marketing Manager; Laura, the Businesswoman or Julian, the Account Executive. To better understand your buyer, it is essential that you make a general and specific description of their profile, including demographics, skills, and characteristics.

Ask yourself what your professional and personal goals might be, what your challenges are and how you can help them achieve their goals. The purpose is to give a face to the client prospect to know how it can be addressed.

The 7 Steps to Create Content For SEO

2. This is about being original and creative  

When you have a list of possible contributions or solutions that would be useful to your potential client, check in the search engines what has already been published on the subject and analyze how you could add something new to your article. The Google Trends tool can also help you create content according to what people are searching on Google.
If you notice that there are several articles on the same topic, consider changing the way you are communicating the information and start experimenting with other formats that are not just text. If you have the resources, think about creating infographics, e-books or video tutorials. These formats are beneficial for people who have a learning method oriented to the visual. also, you can verify your content by using plagiarism checker tool that helps you write your article more powerful.

Even consider interviewing some industry experts, this in order to give a new perspective to your article, in addition to strengthening the credibility of your content. From this, the interviewee can share it on their social networks or other channels and increase the traffic of your blog.

Note: The keywords are critical to improving your SEO, do not forget to include them in the title, in the introduction to your content and subtitles (nope long as flow and not forced!).

3. The tone should be according to your buyer person

Just as your way of speaking changes when you are in a job interview or a party with your friends, the tone of your article also.In the digital world, the first impression people have of your business is through your way of writing. For this reason, the tone of your content plays an important role at the time of writing. Consider if the tone is going to be serious, fun, warm and personal, motivating or funny.

As a starting point, keep in mind your buyer persona to determine the tone you want to assign to your item. If you are a 50-year-old businessman who is not very familiar with the digital issue, use a warmer and friendlier tone, avoiding very technical terms. Also, consider if you want to talk about “you” or “you” to your potential client. Regardless of the tone, you should be clear and concise with the information you are giving your reader.

Tip: Avoid sweetening your article with the excessive use of adverbs like “it’s really good” or adjectives like ” incredible results”.

4. If the content is king, the title is the jester

Just as a buffoon in the royal court had the power to attract the attention of other people with his comic abilities or juggling, the title should be striking enough for your readers to click and continue reading.

You can spend a lot of time writing the body, but if your title is weak, it is almost or equal to lost work. Your title should be specific, make a promise to the reader of how it will benefit them and invite them to read the article at that moment.

5. More is better

It is common to think that nowadays readers prefer shorter articles, of 400 or 600 words, but according to Neil Patel, an expert in digital marketing, “Longer content tends to behave better at all levels”. In fact, in the eyes of Google, this type of content is considered not relevant and affects your SEO. Search engines tend to favor blogs and longer articles. A HubSpot study revealed that web searchers prefer more worked and extensive content that is between 2,250 and 2,500 words.

6. Tell your reader what to do

When you finish writing your article, the idea is to induce your reader to perform an action after reading it, in other words, a call to action. This can be as simple as asking you to share your content, write a comment or something more direct like subscribing to a newsletter or downloading an ebook.

It is a good way to give continuity to your article and improve the chances that your reader will continue browsing your blog. Also, it is a good tip to generate more conversions on your website.

7. Do not overlook a last revised article

Remember that your readers will have a bad impression of your blog if they find spelling mistakes, which will harm the chances of them continuing reading and sharing the content. Ideally, when you finish writing your article, give yourself some time before starting to edit your work, so you can see it from another perspective. Then, send it to your work team so they can give you their feedback.

It is also important that your post be aesthetically pleasing to read, avoid long paragraphs as they can cause visual noise, as well as technical phrases that may confuse your reader.

In conclusion, one of the biggest challenges you can face when writing for your blog is that you follow the rules for SEO, but at the same time, it is attractive content for your audience. Surely after reading this article, have a better idea of what you should do the next time you sit down to write an article for your blog. If you liked this post, do not forget to share it on your social networks.

12 Social Media Applications for 2018

Social Network Applications:

Best Social Media AppsDo you want to save time, be more productive or improve the ROI of your marketing efforts? So, these 12 social network applications are for you. Although remember that the tools can not do everything for your business (At least not yet). The first step is to learn how to create a social media plan (Learn how to use social networks to promote your business). That’s why I want to share our introduction to Social Media Marketing.

Now, yes, you can optimize your plan with these twelve applications of social networks.
Continue reading to discover:

  • The most useful tools to keep up with the latest trends in social networks
  • The best Social Network Applications that will help you save time and money
  • Easy-to-use applications that will give your images a professional touch.

There are many online chat rooms around the world offering free chatting for their users. Live chat room is a very popular search these days and many websites also offer Pakistani chat room for girls and boys where they can find new friends. These social sites do not work like mobile applications but the perform just like them. They allow users to interact with each other from all over the world. If you are interested in free chatting in a chat room then you should try these services to talk with strangers from all over the world.

Let’s talk about the famous 12 applications which should be used in 2018, you will learn about these interesting mobile applications which are very useful for 2018.

12 of the best Social Network Applications for Marketers

  • Planoly
  • Datally
  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Signal
  • Hootsuite Amplify
  • Habit Minder
  • Sprinkles
  • Clips
  • Swiipe News
  • Botletter
  • MindFi
  • Canva

1) Planoly

Social network applications Manage all your social profiles as a professional as a community manager. (Planoly App)
For busy social media marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget about the big picture. This is especially true for your Instagram wall.
Although, you may be sharing great individual publications, but they are not being compatible with your brand voice in general and in the aesthetic construction of Instagram, they could be hurting your long-term results.

The Planoly application, which is recommended by the Hootsuite social marketing team commanded by Amanda Wood, is the first virtual planner for Instagram. The application allows you to see how your individual publications will look like a type of grid before publishing, as well as providing data and interaction rates for each publication.

Free for iOS

Free for Android

2) Datally

Social networking applications that you can not miss (Datally App)
Among all the slippage, publication publishing and planning is a miracle that almost any social network administrator stays within your monthly data plan on your cell phone.
The Datally application from Google is here to help. The mobile data manager helps users to monitor, save and gain control over the use of their data through tracking.

The Data Saving feature alone can reduce the use of mobile data by more than 30 percent. Other features, such as the Wifi locator and data usage metrics, work together to save money for those who depend on their phones more than an average user.

Free for Android

3) Adobe Premiere Clip

Forty-six percent of respondents answered in a Hootsuite survey of social networking trends in 2018 that they are already creating and sharing videos on social networks, and another 26 percent planning to do so during the year. If you’re looking for a way to easily professionalize your videos, then you should download the Adobe Premiere Clip application.

The free video application gives you an advanced (easy to use) function including editing functions, production support, and personalized lighting and aesthetic options.

Hootsuite resident video expert Liam McLeod says that “Adobe Premiere Clip is the industry standard for mobile video production and what it personally uses on a daily basis.”

Free for iOS

Free for Android

4) Signal

Few applications of social networks focus on security and privacy, but these are two areas in which social network marketers can not save. Whether you’re discussing cases or confidential business information, you’ll want to make sure your messages are protected.

The instant messaging application, Signal, uses an advanced, end-to-end encryption protocol that provides privacy for all content sent on the network, offering invaluable peace of mind.

Still do not trust us? Information privacy expert and former CIA agent Edward Snowden uses this application daily.

Free for iOS

Free for Android

5) Hootsuite Amplify

According to Altimeter’s employee support research on social networks, 21 percent of consumers report “liking” employee posts, a much higher participation rate than the average social advertisement. .
Your customers want to talk to a person, not a brand. With Hootsuite Amplify you can easily find and share articles, news and other attractive content about your brand in your social networks.

For more information on how to create an effective employee support plan, read our publication Employee Support in Social Networks: How to Make it Work for Your Business.

Free for iOS

Free for Android

6) Habit Minder

You can not ignore these 11 social media applications (Habit Minder App)

With each new year, or new week, comes the opportunity to set new goals. Habit Minder makes sure you are aware of these good intentions, by sending you reminders to drink water, walk, take a deep breath or any other task you choose.

With Habit Minder you can track your progress and analyze detailed statistics for each of your goals. For marketers of stressed social networks, these small notices and micro targets can make the difference between a forgotten intention and a completed accomplishment.

Free for iOS

7) Sprinkles

When you’re in a hurry to upload an Instagram post, the least you have is the time to create an ingenious legend.

Sprinkles is one of the most ingenious social networking applications; Use your camera that automatically detects the themes of your photos and suggests appropriate legends. Sprinkles also includes face detection technology so you can apply Custom Tags (masks and filters) for your images.

Free for iOS

8) Clips

(Clips App) one of the eleven applications of social networks that every community manager must know

Apple Clips allow users to create and fully share short videos with special effects, text, graphics and more.
One of the most interesting features of Clips is Live Tiles (or Live Titles), which allows you to create animated legends by simply speaking while recording.

Clips also uses a specialized facial recognition technology thanks to Apple’s Machine Learning (or Machine Learning) technology. This compares the faces of those in your video with those of the images in your device’s library. But not only this, Clips will find individuals in your contact book and will allow you to share the video with them with just one click.

Free for iOS

9) Swiipe News

Do not fall behind with Swiipe News, one of the preferred social media applications for social media marketers who are always on the move, it can be difficult to keep up with world events and news. The Swiipe News application helps solve this problem.

Designed for a world that loves to slide, this tool allows you to easily go through the stories and headlines without having to scroll through endless articles of long duration.

Choose from over 250 reliable news sources to get a wall full of the most important news for you, or your audience.

Free for iOS

10) Botletter

As we highlight in our social media trends report this 2018, Facebook went from 33,000 bots (robot programs) in 2016 to more than 100,000 in 2017, an increase of 200 percent.

And, this movement shows no signs of slowing down.

Although technically it is not a mobile application, Botletter is a tool that allows users to send newsletters to customers through Facebook Messenger. Customers can subscribe directly to the company’s newsletters through Facebook Messenger, which means that brands can reach their audience where they are most active.

Interact with the bot on Facebook Messenger

Bonus: Only 8 Steps separate you from success in Social Networks. Download our guide to create the best social strategy to grow your business.

11) MindFi

In addition to taking the time to schedule engaging content, social media marketers must establish a schedule for mental health and well-being.
Traditional meditation applications may require some commitment, a quiet room and at least five minutes to close your eyes and not think about anything, but MindFi knows that busy people do not always have that luxury.

Use the application to incorporate meditation into your busy schedule without interrupting your lifestyle. While you are working, eating or doing other tasks, three-minute meditation sessions can be done with your eyes open.

MindFi also has a “Deep Work” option to help users focus and avoid distractions for 25 minutes at a time. With MindFi, users report an increase in concentration, attention span, and productivity. This is a meditation application in which the busy and stressed social network marketers should use.

Free for iOS

Free for Android

12) Canva

Innovation, creativity and agility are key elements in any successful social network management team. In any case, not all marketing departments have the same resources to produce content, and it is at this point that Canva enters. This tool will allow you to design professional images for your social networks in a matter of minutes. The platform has thousands of templates, icons, figures and other graphic editing options designed by professionals that will save you hours of work.

Can you replace a designer? No, from my point of view, this is one of the perfect social network applications to help the artist that we all have inside. However, if you do not have a design team, this could be your solution to create more social (professional) content. If you are not a SME, I would still recommend this application because even companies like Hootsuite use Canva to streamline the creation of content.

No, we did not fire our design team … But our designers do use the platform’s custom design options to create unique templates that our social media team can use at any time. In our case, it helps us create synergy between work teams while maintaining all the content “On-brand” or adhering to the company’s design guidelines.

This is one of the publications we make with content created in the application.

The right tools can make a difference for social network marketers. Whether you need help with your visual content, incorporating social media trends into your strategy, or making time to do it all, the social networking applications mentioned above will help you create the most engaging content for your customers.

Bad News for Those Who Use Spotify Free! Detect Spotify Cheats

Spotify made an explicit call to thousands of people listening to unlimited, ad-free songs free of charge. Users who listen to free songs in the modified Spotify Android app will no longer be able to use this opportunity. How were thousands of people listening to free Spotify songs? Here are the striking details.

The world famous online music application, Spotify, stops by listening to free music by cheating! Approximately 500 million users with online music platform both in the world manages to increase their members every day in Turkey. Having a very large music library of all kinds, Spotify is preferred over other digital music platforms. At the same time, it is the platform that musicians prefer. Spotify, which costs about 15 TL, is also noteworthy with family packages. The application, which is based on the monthly subscription system, is also used illegally. Although no official information is shared, the number of people using Spotify premium fraudulently is approaching millions. It has also been said that the use of free Spotify for a few years is increasing day by day. And the company, which stands for free Spotify users, has released a new update as of yesterday. From now on, users of the fraudulent Spotify cracked APK will not be able to use their accounts unless they download the official application.

Those who use Spotify as fraudulent install the edited apk file. So the pirated Spotify app, where licensing and purchasing parts have been removed, appears to have been purchased. On this track, “free Spotify users” are free to use all paid services like skipping songs, uploading songs and downloading music. Where do I get the free Spotify apk file? In general, the fraudulent Spotify application is obtained from illegal sites. Applications downloaded from such sites may also harm the user’s device. But with Spotify’s latest change, it’s been ahead of it. In the meantime, an e-mail was sent to those who used Spotify free of charge:

Spotify May Close Accounts That Apply Fraudulent Users!

In the mail sent by Spotify to the user using the fraudulent application, it is stated that the accounts can be suspended or completely shut down if such software is used again. The mail sent to people who have been using Spotify for free for years is as follows:

“We detected an abnormal activity in the application you were using, so we disabled it. Do not worry, your Spotify account is safe.

Once you’ve uninstalled an unauthorized or modified Spotify app to access your Spotify account, simply download and install the official Spotify app from the Google Play store. If you need more help, check out my support article on reinstalling Spotify.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate our account if we determine that unauthorized applications that violate our Terms are reused.

Thank you for being a Spotify user. “

Keys To Increase Your Domain Authority

The Domain Authority (DA), is a metric that predicts the importance of a website in the results of search engines. This scoring system was developed by Moz, an SEO consulting firm.

Thus, since the Page Rank was not updated again, the reference to know the importance of search engines to a page is the Domain Authority. Basically, through the DA, it is about knowing the level of confidence and quality of content that the search engines indicate to the domains.

The score can fluctuate from 0 to 100, where a rating between 40 and 50 is average, and from 60 onwards it is considered an excellent place. The most important variables that Moz has to determine the authority of the domain are the number of links that point to that website and who links them. As we will see later, the SEO factors of the domain are also important.

If your goal is to improve your Domain Authority; since the higher your score, the more likely you are to get referral traffic from search engines like Google, this article is for you!

Nine steps to follow to create Domain Authority on your website

Write good content

Obviously, this is something you should always do, as we remember in most of our posts, the content is still king and is what will help you position better.

Now, focusing on this topic, what exactly does Moz consider to be “good” content? That depends on what you write but in general, we can call good content to original and current articles, which have a clear objective, where diverse vocabulary is used, and have a professional appearance.

Likewise, longer posts are also considered to be of higher quality, where each word has a purpose. Adding visual elements such as photos, gifs, information graphics and videos always improve the quality of your content.

Keys To Increase Your Domain Authority

Publish frequently

Websites that publish quality content on a regular basis have a Domain Authority that is much larger than sites that transmit irregularly or infrequently.Produce good articles often is not easy but with proper organization, you can enter a rhythm of regular publication, which will be of great help to improve your Ranking.if you hired a writer and want to know his or her quality than you can make sure your article is 100% unique by using this Duplicate Detector.

Create links to your own articles

It is very significant that you link links to your own articles, it is an incredibly easy way to decrease your bounce rate, increase your views and keep users on your website.

Make sure to place them in such a way that visitors find your website easy to navigate. No matter where you land, you should be able to simply find a link to your homepage.

Keep in mind that the organization of your internal links improves the user experience and makes your page more impressive.

Stay active in social networks

You should always share your content on social networks and participate with other users to increase your followers. If the articles on your website receive a large number of actions on social media platforms, the Domain Authority’s score will increase.Similarly, sharing content on networks will also help you generate traffic to your website, which is very beneficial to increase your DA.

Use SEO techniques

If you have high your Domain Authority is likely to appear in the first results of pages of search engines, so SEO is a very important factor in determining your score.

The rules of SEO are long and take time to learn but in general you should aim for the appearance of keywords and make sure that these arise in most of the titles of your publications, in the first paragraph or in a subtitle. Another good strategy is to choose a domain name that contains a keyword that you use frequently.

Remember also that SEO is much more than keywords, but we’ll talk about that later.

Get other websites to link your content

At this point we are going to talk about SEO again. The more websites you link to your articles, the more likely you are to appear on the first pages of a Google search. Sharing articles on networks is a passive way to build links, because you only expect someone else to pick up your article and decide to link it. That is why you must also use active methods for the construction of links.

One technique that is very positive, is to reach other bloggers and ask if they can incorporate your content, or refer to it. Similarly, you can write invitation messages on other people’s blogs and include as many relevant links as you can.In short, the more websites link to your domain, the higher the score of the Domain Authority.

Remove the links you do not want

Remember that not all links are the same. A link to your blog from a reputable website is much more valuable than one from a spam or incomplete site. Therefore, if too many pages of bad reputation are linking to your domain, that can really damage your Domain Authority account.

Try to clean your links by asking low quality sites to remove links to your content. If you can not get rid of the bad links, Google has a tool that you can use to “disavow” them. This means that you can ask Google not to take those links into account when evaluating your website.

Address the technical problems of the site immediately

If your website has broken links, you can not see it on a mobile platform or it loads slowly, it is possible that you lose viewers and your Domain Authority decreases drastically.

In this item, it is essential that you provide a regular check-up on your site, to make sure everything is in shape. You can use Google Analytics to detect traffic reductions caused by technical problems, in order to modify them as soon as possible.

Getting your domain to stay on time

Finally, you must remember that the development of the Domain Authority takes time. The more your domain has lasted in time, the higher the Domain Authority score, as long as you respect all the above points.want to be updated keep using this free domain authority checker tool.

How to get IDM in Mozilla Firefox?

Internet Download Manager is a great software to boot up the internet speed so you can work and download more stuff from the internet. You can use it to download images, videos and music files from the internet. The designers of the software claim that IDM increases your internet speed up to 5 times. There is a whole system at the back end that supports the bandwidth and distributes it equally among the files that are being downloaded.

IDM in Mozilla Firefox

IDM is Windows-friendly software and is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. There are different browsers and each has a different scale of settings to add the extensions and supportive software like IDM. Talking about Mozilla Firefox, you need to adjust the settings panel in order to ensure that IDM works fine with it and you can avail all the functions of this internet accelerator. IDM crack download is also possible if you don’t like to buy it.

Look for updates

The first thing you have to do is to look for the updates in your IDM. The reason was given, that Mozilla team updates the Firefox every six weeks. This is why you need to check for updates in your software in the Help tab.

After installing the updates, restart your system as IDM will need to replace all the DLL files to make the downloaded changes effective. If you won’t restart your system, the updates won’t work.


The moment your application will be up-to-date with all the changes, IDM will determine the version of Firefox you are using and install an add-on version automatically. The latest version of Firefox is the Firefox 8. It will show a confirmation dialogue on the screen to install the add-ons. The tool will also ask you to restart your Firefox, so close all the tabs you are working on or save them so you do not lose any important data and restart the browser. For successful installation of the add-on, check “Allow the installation” box on your screen. However, if you missed the dialogue box, you can enable the installation manually in the Tools tab on the browser.

Add-on manager

Once you enable the installation, “Add-ons manager” window will appear on your screen. click on Extensions and look for IDM integration. It is only for Mozilla, so if you find it disabled you need to Enable it and restart the browser.

Different IDM extensions

As mentioned earlier, Firefox is updated with small changes every 6 weeks so you might face a little difficulty in finding the right tabs due to the difference in the titles. Let us elaborate a little on different add-ons you may find on different versions of Firefox.

On the oldest version, you will find add-on with the name of IDM-CC. another version of Firefox says IDM Integration while the latest version of the Mozilla browser says IDM Integration Module. Now, you will be able to find the exact tabs without any confusion. It is also possible that you will see more than one add-on in the list; in that case, click on the latest one or remove the old one and then add the latest version.

Firefox version

Not all of us are interested in the browser version we are using but we must know it just for the sake of general knowledge. Open the Help menu in the settings tab and look for “About Firefox”. Here you will see the version under the browser name. Right below it is an update button, which you can click if you are looking for the latest updates in the browser.

We hope this browser guide will help you install the IDM extension successfully and get going with endless speedy downloads.

10 steps that will help you strengthen your personal brand


It may sound paradoxical, because when analyzing the term what it suggests is that the Personal Brand is just that: personal. But when you go into the very heart of the Personal Brand, you realize that it’s really about the other, not about you.

And it is not a play on words, after comparing, analyzing, studying and concluding, in this whole issue of the Personal Brand, those who have a more powerful Personal Brand, are exactly those who built it thinking of others.

Analyzing the personal brand

Let’s put it in context: take a simple look at social networks, you will realize that those who have more followers are those who offer more. What ?: contents with interest. Of all kinds: artistic, literary, entertainment, professional, among others.

It is curious but the Personal Brands that most like are those that focus on giving. That is why, after giving yourself a pass through your social networks and knowing more about them, you end up … inspired, animated, challenged, in short: detonated.

Get increase your followers

Do you want thousands of followers? Well, start at the beginning: think really about them; in what they like, in what they need, in what they enjoy, in what motivates them, in what raises them, in what adds value to their lives.

That is the cleve !. Sure, check, check, analyze, do accounts, look again: it’s about the other, not about you. Think for a moment, what is your favorite thing about your best friend … mmm.

Yes, the answer is that it makes you feel better; It is for you when another does not, is your accomplice, picks you up when you fall or just spend it super with him, even when the only thing on the table is a glass of water.

Do not you imagine that when others visit your networks, what they want is to find something for them? Something that will help them to successfully pass their next test, give them information that others do not have, update them or simply make them laugh?

Exact!! You proved it. And now that you know, what do you expect to start all over again? Because surely when we think about building a Personal Brand, we think about everything we have to say, in the hundreds of followers that we will achieve, and in all the Likes that we will win.

Questions that will define your approach

This exercise is just the opposite. Answer some key questions that will help you better define where you need to focus:

What do you really have to offer?

What you have:

Will you help someone?

Will it give you new ideas?

Will it drive your business?

Will it help you to conquer the love of your life?

Will it give you any value?

If the answer is yes. Then you have it …

You have the foundation of a powerful Personal Brand, the rest are simple steps that if you are willing to follow, they will help you strengthen your personal brand and you will surely have overwhelming success.

10 steps to boost your personal score


Of what you can give.


What your followers need


Interiors that can contribute to them


Real to give


Of course what you are willing to give

Posture and Image

Consistent with what you promised


Exactly what you are willing to give


Due among those who are interested in receiving what you have


Thought about the way your followers consume


In which your followers move, live and breathe.

6 key points to succeed with your Facebook page

Facebook is a strategic ally for your business, through your communication strategy you can use this social network to reach more people who may be interested in your services or products.

Follow some simple steps to make your facebook page a communication channel for your company with results.


In the last quarter of the year we have been asked, in many occasions, what are the main steps that must be taken to have a good performance on a facebook page, analyzing the panorama of some client companies, and not clients, we have detected an error common, and is to start your strategy on the channel with a profile; There are still doubts between what is and what a profile on facebook and a facebook page or fan page serves.

So far I hope you have defined how you are going to set up the Facebook account, in case you have a profile and take a while developing a strategy, do not worry, you can migrate the personal profile to a free Facebook Fan Page, without losing the work you have done so far.

Do not doubt that having a fan page will help you connect with your audience and close sales, a fact that shows you:

“More than 1300 million people use Facebook to connect with the topics that interest them and 64% of them visit it daily”

– Internal data of Facebook

When you read these figures, they impress you and you think is it essential that in addition to my offline commercial strategy, I should embark on digital marketing strategies?

The answer is yes”. Tell your story, explain how to acquire your products or services, teach how to use your products, make the lives of Internet users more pleasant with your occurrences, solve your doubts by asking who is in the network.

It gives you an in-depth knowledge of what you do by supporting yourself with technology and shares content in video, photography, audio, text, and reaches all the people who are in the social network, creates a connection with them and the probability that they choose your products or services will grow.

4 essential actions that will help you grow the community on your Facebook Page

At this point what is really important is that the content that you share with your users is relevant, so much that they want to spend a few minutes of their valuable time consuming it and, in addition, to share it with their friends, do not share any nonsense with your friends. ?

There are different types of content, we detail some, accompanied by examples that will serve as inspiration to start, later, in a new post we will see some techniques for its creation: (recycling, healing, public relations) ?

Articles or post

These are the most common in the network, there are different variations and they are used for educational, explanatory, resolutive and even comparative purposes.

Check list

They quickly arouse the interest of the public because they guide them and have a finite panorama, an example can be: Check list essential before publishing content “a list that helps to validate the content in all its phases before publishing it.

Tips and advice

Who does not like advice to improve their day to day? This type of content works very well in the social network, communicates very well and has no expiration. One example is the Intel company that reaches its target audience with its category on technology tips, you can find them on their website and they are all spread on their social networks.

Resolving doubts

Who does not go online asking how to solve a problem? The content you can generate in this case is very specific, so you guarantee that whoever follows you and really help you, you will increase the chances of you buying or contracting yourself and not the competition. I present the case of Felipe Zapata, expert in videomarketing solves all your doubts when planning a trip: “step by step to renew your passport”