12 Social Media Applications for 2018

Social Network Applications:

Best Social Media AppsDo you want to save time, be more productive or improve the ROI of your marketing efforts? So, these 12 social network applications are for you. Although remember that the tools can not do everything for your business (At least not yet). The first step is to learn how to create a social media plan (Learn how to use social networks to promote your business). That’s why I want to share our introduction to Social Media Marketing.

Now, yes, you can optimize your plan with these twelve applications of social networks.
Continue reading to discover:

  • The most useful tools to keep up with the latest trends in social networks
  • The best Social Network Applications that will help you save time and money
  • Easy-to-use applications that will give your images a professional touch.

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Let’s talk about the famous 12 applications which should be used in 2018, you will learn about these interesting mobile applications which are very useful for 2018.

12 of the best Social Network Applications for Marketers

  • Planoly
  • Datally
  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Signal
  • Hootsuite Amplify
  • Habit Minder
  • Sprinkles
  • Clips
  • Swiipe News
  • Botletter
  • MindFi
  • Canva

1) Planoly

Social network applications Manage all your social profiles as a professional as a community manager. (Planoly App)
For busy social media marketers, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget about the big picture. This is especially true for your Instagram wall.
Although, you may be sharing great individual publications, but they are not being compatible with your brand voice in general and in the aesthetic construction of Instagram, they could be hurting your long-term results.

The Planoly application, which is recommended by the Hootsuite social marketing team commanded by Amanda Wood, is the first virtual planner for Instagram. The application allows you to see how your individual publications will look like a type of grid before publishing, as well as providing data and interaction rates for each publication.

Free for iOS

Free for Android

2) Datally

Social networking applications that you can not miss (Datally App)
Among all the slippage, publication publishing and planning is a miracle that almost any social network administrator stays within your monthly data plan on your cell phone.
The Datally application from Google is here to help. The mobile data manager helps users to monitor, save and gain control over the use of their data through tracking.

The Data Saving feature alone can reduce the use of mobile data by more than 30 percent. Other features, such as the Wifi locator and data usage metrics, work together to save money for those who depend on their phones more than an average user.

Free for Android

3) Adobe Premiere Clip

Forty-six percent of respondents answered in a Hootsuite survey of social networking trends in 2018 that they are already creating and sharing videos on social networks, and another 26 percent planning to do so during the year. If you’re looking for a way to easily professionalize your videos, then you should download the Adobe Premiere Clip application.

The free video application gives you an advanced (easy to use) function including editing functions, production support, and personalized lighting and aesthetic options.

Hootsuite resident video expert Liam McLeod says that “Adobe Premiere Clip is the industry standard for mobile video production and what it personally uses on a daily basis.”

Free for iOS

Free for Android

4) Signal

Few applications of social networks focus on security and privacy, but these are two areas in which social network marketers can not save. Whether you’re discussing cases or confidential business information, you’ll want to make sure your messages are protected.

The instant messaging application, Signal, uses an advanced, end-to-end encryption protocol that provides privacy for all content sent on the network, offering invaluable peace of mind.

Still do not trust us? Information privacy expert and former CIA agent Edward Snowden uses this application daily.

Free for iOS

Free for Android

5) Hootsuite Amplify

According to Altimeter’s employee support research on social networks, 21 percent of consumers report “liking” employee posts, a much higher participation rate than the average social advertisement. .
Your customers want to talk to a person, not a brand. With Hootsuite Amplify you can easily find and share articles, news and other attractive content about your brand in your social networks.

For more information on how to create an effective employee support plan, read our publication Employee Support in Social Networks: How to Make it Work for Your Business.

Free for iOS

Free for Android

6) Habit Minder

You can not ignore these 11 social media applications (Habit Minder App)

With each new year, or new week, comes the opportunity to set new goals. Habit Minder makes sure you are aware of these good intentions, by sending you reminders to drink water, walk, take a deep breath or any other task you choose.

With Habit Minder you can track your progress and analyze detailed statistics for each of your goals. For marketers of stressed social networks, these small notices and micro targets can make the difference between a forgotten intention and a completed accomplishment.

Free for iOS

7) Sprinkles

When you’re in a hurry to upload an Instagram post, the least you have is the time to create an ingenious legend.

Sprinkles is one of the most ingenious social networking applications; Use your camera that automatically detects the themes of your photos and suggests appropriate legends. Sprinkles also includes face detection technology so you can apply Custom Tags (masks and filters) for your images.

Free for iOS

8) Clips

(Clips App) one of the eleven applications of social networks that every community manager must know

Apple Clips allow users to create and fully share short videos with special effects, text, graphics and more.
One of the most interesting features of Clips is Live Tiles (or Live Titles), which allows you to create animated legends by simply speaking while recording.

Clips also uses a specialized facial recognition technology thanks to Apple’s Machine Learning (or Machine Learning) technology. This compares the faces of those in your video with those of the images in your device’s library. But not only this, Clips will find individuals in your contact book and will allow you to share the video with them with just one click.

Free for iOS

9) Swiipe News

Do not fall behind with Swiipe News, one of the preferred social media applications for social media marketers who are always on the move, it can be difficult to keep up with world events and news. The Swiipe News application helps solve this problem.

Designed for a world that loves to slide, this tool allows you to easily go through the stories and headlines without having to scroll through endless articles of long duration.

Choose from over 250 reliable news sources to get a wall full of the most important news for you, or your audience.

Free for iOS

10) Botletter

As we highlight in our social media trends report this 2018, Facebook went from 33,000 bots (robot programs) in 2016 to more than 100,000 in 2017, an increase of 200 percent.

And, this movement shows no signs of slowing down.

Although technically it is not a mobile application, Botletter is a tool that allows users to send newsletters to customers through Facebook Messenger. Customers can subscribe directly to the company’s newsletters through Facebook Messenger, which means that brands can reach their audience where they are most active.

Interact with the bot on Facebook Messenger

Bonus: Only 8 Steps separate you from success in Social Networks. Download our guide to create the best social strategy to grow your business.

11) MindFi

In addition to taking the time to schedule engaging content, social media marketers must establish a schedule for mental health and well-being.
Traditional meditation applications may require some commitment, a quiet room and at least five minutes to close your eyes and not think about anything, but MindFi knows that busy people do not always have that luxury.

Use the application to incorporate meditation into your busy schedule without interrupting your lifestyle. While you are working, eating or doing other tasks, three-minute meditation sessions can be done with your eyes open.

MindFi also has a “Deep Work” option to help users focus and avoid distractions for 25 minutes at a time. With MindFi, users report an increase in concentration, attention span, and productivity. This is a meditation application in which the busy and stressed social network marketers should use.

Free for iOS

Free for Android

12) Canva

Innovation, creativity and agility are key elements in any successful social network management team. In any case, not all marketing departments have the same resources to produce content, and it is at this point that Canva enters. This tool will allow you to design professional images for your social networks in a matter of minutes. The platform has thousands of templates, icons, figures and other graphic editing options designed by professionals that will save you hours of work.

Can you replace a designer? No, from my point of view, this is one of the perfect social network applications to help the artist that we all have inside. However, if you do not have a design team, this could be your solution to create more social (professional) content. If you are not a SME, I would still recommend this application because even companies like Hootsuite use Canva to streamline the creation of content.

No, we did not fire our design team … But our designers do use the platform’s custom design options to create unique templates that our social media team can use at any time. In our case, it helps us create synergy between work teams while maintaining all the content “On-brand” or adhering to the company’s design guidelines.

This is one of the publications we make with content created in the application.

The right tools can make a difference for social network marketers. Whether you need help with your visual content, incorporating social media trends into your strategy, or making time to do it all, the social networking applications mentioned above will help you create the most engaging content for your customers.

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