6 key points to succeed with your Facebook page

Facebook is a strategic ally for your business, through your communication strategy you can use this social network to reach more people who may be interested in your services or products.

Follow some simple steps to make your facebook page a communication channel for your company with results.


In the last quarter of the year we have been asked, in many occasions, what are the main steps that must be taken to have a good performance on a facebook page, analyzing the panorama of some client companies, and not clients, we have detected an error common, and is to start your strategy on the channel with a profile; There are still doubts between what is and what a profile on facebook and a facebook page or fan page serves.

So far I hope you have defined how you are going to set up the Facebook account, in case you have a profile and take a while developing a strategy, do not worry, you can migrate the personal profile to a free Facebook Fan Page, without losing the work you have done so far.

Do not doubt that having a fan page will help you connect with your audience and close sales, a fact that shows you:

“More than 1300 million people use Facebook to connect with the topics that interest them and 64% of them visit it daily”

– Internal data of Facebook

When you read these figures, they impress you and you think is it essential that in addition to my offline commercial strategy, I should embark on digital marketing strategies?

The answer is yes”. Tell your story, explain how to acquire your products or services, teach how to use your products, make the lives of Internet users more pleasant with your occurrences, solve your doubts by asking who is in the network.

It gives you an in-depth knowledge of what you do by supporting yourself with technology and shares content in video, photography, audio, text, and reaches all the people who are in the social network, creates a connection with them and the probability that they choose your products or services will grow.

4 essential actions that will help you grow the community on your Facebook Page

At this point what is really important is that the content that you share with your users is relevant, so much that they want to spend a few minutes of their valuable time consuming it and, in addition, to share it with their friends, do not share any nonsense with your friends. ?

There are different types of content, we detail some, accompanied by examples that will serve as inspiration to start, later, in a new post we will see some techniques for its creation: (recycling, healing, public relations) 😉

Articles or post

These are the most common in the network, there are different variations and they are used for educational, explanatory, resolutive and even comparative purposes.

Check list

They quickly arouse the interest of the public because they guide them and have a finite panorama, an example can be: Check list essential before publishing content “a list that helps to validate the content in all its phases before publishing it.

Tips and advice

Who does not like advice to improve their day to day? This type of content works very well in the social network, communicates very well and has no expiration. One example is the Intel company that reaches its target audience with its category on technology tips, you can find them on their website and they are all spread on their social networks.

Resolving doubts

Who does not go online asking how to solve a problem? The content you can generate in this case is very specific, so you guarantee that whoever follows you and really help you, you will increase the chances of you buying or contracting yourself and not the competition. I present the case of Felipe Zapata, expert in videomarketing solves all your doubts when planning a trip: “step by step to renew your passport”

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