Bad News for Those Who Use Spotify Free! Detect Spotify Cheats

Spotify made an explicit call to thousands of people listening to unlimited, ad-free songs free of charge. Users who listen to free songs in the modified Spotify Android app will no longer be able to use this opportunity. How were thousands of people listening to free Spotify songs? Here are the striking details.

The world famous online music application, Spotify, stops by listening to free music by cheating! Approximately 500 million users with online music platform both in the world manages to increase their members every day in Turkey. Having a very large music library of all kinds, Spotify is preferred over other digital music platforms. At the same time, it is the platform that musicians prefer. Spotify, which costs about 15 TL, is also noteworthy with family packages. The application, which is based on the monthly subscription system, is also used illegally. Although no official information is shared, the number of people using Spotify premium fraudulently is approaching millions. It has also been said that the use of free Spotify for a few years is increasing day by day. And the company, which stands for free Spotify users, has released a new update as of yesterday. From now on, users of the fraudulent Spotify cracked APK will not be able to use their accounts unless they download the official application.

Those who use Spotify as fraudulent install the edited apk file. So the pirated Spotify app, where licensing and purchasing parts have been removed, appears to have been purchased. On this track, “free Spotify users” are free to use all paid services like skipping songs, uploading songs and downloading music. Where do I get the free Spotify apk file? In general, the fraudulent Spotify application is obtained from illegal sites. Applications downloaded from such sites may also harm the user’s device. But with Spotify’s latest change, it’s been ahead of it. In the meantime, an e-mail was sent to those who used Spotify free of charge:

Spotify May Close Accounts That Apply Fraudulent Users!

In the mail sent by Spotify to the user using the fraudulent application, it is stated that the accounts can be suspended or completely shut down if such software is used again. The mail sent to people who have been using Spotify for free for years is as follows:

“We detected an abnormal activity in the application you were using, so we disabled it. Do not worry, your Spotify account is safe.

Once you’ve uninstalled an unauthorized or modified Spotify app to access your Spotify account, simply download and install the official Spotify app from the Google Play store. If you need more help, check out my support article on reinstalling Spotify.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate our account if we determine that unauthorized applications that violate our Terms are reused.

Thank you for being a Spotify user. “

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