Keys To Increase Your Domain Authority

The Domain Authority (DA), is a metric that predicts the importance of a website in the results of search engines. This scoring system was developed by Moz, an SEO consulting firm.

Thus, since the Page Rank was not updated again, the reference to know the importance of search engines to a page is the Domain Authority. Basically, through the DA, it is about knowing the level of confidence and quality of content that the search engines indicate to the domains.

The score can fluctuate from 0 to 100, where a rating between 40 and 50 is average, and from 60 onwards it is considered an excellent place. The most important variables that Moz has to determine the authority of the domain are the number of links that point to that website and who links them. As we will see later, the SEO factors of the domain are also important.

If your goal is to improve your Domain Authority; since the higher your score, the more likely you are to get referral traffic from search engines like Google, this article is for you!

Nine steps to follow to create Domain Authority on your website

Write good content

Obviously, this is something you should always do, as we remember in most of our posts, the content is still king and is what will help you position better.

Now, focusing on this topic, what exactly does Moz consider to be “good” content? That depends on what you write but in general, we can call good content to original and current articles, which have a clear objective, where diverse vocabulary is used, and have a professional appearance.

Likewise, longer posts are also considered to be of higher quality, where each word has a purpose. Adding visual elements such as photos, gifs, information graphics and videos always improve the quality of your content.

Keys To Increase Your Domain Authority

Publish frequently

Websites that publish quality content on a regular basis have a Domain Authority that is much larger than sites that transmit irregularly or infrequently.Produce good articles often is not easy but with proper organization, you can enter a rhythm of regular publication, which will be of great help to improve your Ranking.if you hired a writer and want to know his or her quality than you can make sure your article is 100% unique by using this Duplicate Detector.

Create links to your own articles

It is very significant that you link links to your own articles, it is an incredibly easy way to decrease your bounce rate, increase your views and keep users on your website.

Make sure to place them in such a way that visitors find your website easy to navigate. No matter where you land, you should be able to simply find a link to your homepage.

Keep in mind that the organization of your internal links improves the user experience and makes your page more impressive.

Stay active in social networks

You should always share your content on social networks and participate with other users to increase your followers. If the articles on your website receive a large number of actions on social media platforms, the Domain Authority’s score will increase.Similarly, sharing content on networks will also help you generate traffic to your website, which is very beneficial to increase your DA.

Use SEO techniques

If you have high your Domain Authority is likely to appear in the first results of pages of search engines, so SEO is a very important factor in determining your score.

The rules of SEO are long and take time to learn but in general you should aim for the appearance of keywords and make sure that these arise in most of the titles of your publications, in the first paragraph or in a subtitle. Another good strategy is to choose a domain name that contains a keyword that you use frequently.

Remember also that SEO is much more than keywords, but we’ll talk about that later.

Get other websites to link your content

At this point we are going to talk about SEO again. The more websites you link to your articles, the more likely you are to appear on the first pages of a Google search. Sharing articles on networks is a passive way to build links, because you only expect someone else to pick up your article and decide to link it. That is why you must also use active methods for the construction of links.

One technique that is very positive, is to reach other bloggers and ask if they can incorporate your content, or refer to it. Similarly, you can write invitation messages on other people’s blogs and include as many relevant links as you can.In short, the more websites link to your domain, the higher the score of the Domain Authority.

Remove the links you do not want

Remember that not all links are the same. A link to your blog from a reputable website is much more valuable than one from a spam or incomplete site. Therefore, if too many pages of bad reputation are linking to your domain, that can really damage your Domain Authority account.

Try to clean your links by asking low quality sites to remove links to your content. If you can not get rid of the bad links, Google has a tool that you can use to “disavow” them. This means that you can ask Google not to take those links into account when evaluating your website.

Address the technical problems of the site immediately

If your website has broken links, you can not see it on a mobile platform or it loads slowly, it is possible that you lose viewers and your Domain Authority decreases drastically.

In this item, it is essential that you provide a regular check-up on your site, to make sure everything is in shape. You can use Google Analytics to detect traffic reductions caused by technical problems, in order to modify them as soon as possible.

Getting your domain to stay on time

Finally, you must remember that the development of the Domain Authority takes time. The more your domain has lasted in time, the higher the Domain Authority score, as long as you respect all the above points.want to be updated keep using this free domain authority checker tool.

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